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This body

FEELS  LOVES  WRITES  CREATES  RAGES  WONDERS DREAMS  fears  crawls  runs  fucks  expresses  thinks ponders  prays  LISTENS  CONNECTS emotes breathes  hurts  celebrates  loses  ages grows imagines  fails  speaks  falls sings  screams  yearns  eats  vibrates  laughs  cries  crackles  senses  intuits  surprises  chokes  WRITES  stands  learns  WATCHES  MOVES


The primary and most beautiful of nature's qualities is motion

- marquis de sade

 a space for this body

everything that has ever happened to me,
everything i have ever felt or thought or believed,
everything i have done and had and lost,
everything i h
ave wanted and feared and celebrated....
everything, all of it, has happened in
this life is a dance
choreographed by and for and in


this site is dedicated to the exploration of this body~
how it lives and loves and creates, where it came from and where it's going.
And like any good exploration, where we will end up

remains a mystery.

more than anything, this body loves to connect. 
i would love this to be a space for connection and relationship.  
send me a message or comment on a blog
and let me know what your body is u
p to!

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