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This body



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sometimes this body expresses itself through video and photography

i grew up surrounded by visual artists, but had no particular talent for the visual arts myslelf ~ i have always noticed images and shapes and ideas that i longed to be able to turn into pieces of art but couldn't ~ i am so thrilled to now be living in a time where technology is so accessible that i can learn to create what my mind imagines

find more of my videos on youtube:


2023 ~ this body thrives on touch, contact, connection ~ contact improv is one of the most authentic ways i know to express this

when i was loved

2023 ~ i was able to access home movies i hadn't seen in decades ~ watching my little self being adored by the adults around me was profoundly sad and moving


2021 ~ modelling for life drawing classes has been an empowering and liberating experience for this body ~ in one modelling session i was spontaneously asked to dance instead of just pose ~ the result was a series called BARE


2020 ~ my dance company PushPULL Dance wouldn't stop dancing together just because we couldn't be together ~ this was my first dance video completely taught and shot online

dancing with ECHO

2020 ~ we had a pandemic and i learned to teach online ~ my dog loved it ~ contact and connection in all its forms are beyond vital for me

you can find lots more videos i've been involved in with PushPULL Dance by visiting our channel here

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