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This body




We are born with an innate capacity for rhythm, movement, and expression. 

We are wired for dance!

I have danced in THIS BODY all my life. 

And for over twenty years I have shared my love of dance and movement with people

of all ages, genders, body types and sizes, abilities and fitness levels.

dance with me

in your body

exactly as it is

This Body Dances 

THIS BODY invites your body to dance with me:

Exactly as you are and however you show up.

Sitting, standing, or lying down - big movements or small ones - energetic or tired - different from day to day.

THIS BODY and all its multitudes, knows how to dance.

You can't get it wrong!

14 june 2023, 11et online at_ inSpirit studio.png
Taste of TBD

Dancing professionals, not professional dancers!

It is one of my great joys to dance, choreograph, and be the Co-Artistic Director with this amazing community dance company, 


PushPULL Dance  is a group of diverse dancers from a variety of dance backgrounds who take time out of our busy work and family lives to dance and perform together. 

Our annual show was a great success this year!

If you missed it, you can still see some of our dance videos HERE.

And stay tuned for information about auditions for next season

coming up in September.

S19 show poster.jpeg

EVERY BODY belongs on the dance floor!

I love offering dance/movement classes adapted

for people with all levels of mobility.


I am honoured to teach with a beautiful and unique program called

Dancing With Parkinson's  (DWP)

DWP offers free online classes daily as well as a variety of in-person and specialized classes.


Click here for information, to register,

Enlivening your movement!

I am proud to be part of the teaching team of inSpirit Studio.  

Based in Santa Fe, inSpirit is a community offering accessible online classes in a variety of movement modalities, as well as workshops, book clubs, and anything that enlivens you!

Find out more here


Crossing Thresholds!

When I am not expressing my love of dance, I am usually engaging with other ways to love ~ partners, children, friends all open new doors in my heart.

I also have the privilege of celebrating love in all its forms in my work as a wedding and lifecycle officiant.

Find out more here

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